NSR Modern Sept.

  08/26/2017 at 19:34 pm


NSR Modern Sept.

NSR Modern Cars


Sept. 20th.  start time 7:15


-Running Voltage:  12V DC
-Running Track:  Scalextric track.
-Fuel Management:  No.
-Cars Allowed:  NSR; Aston Martin, Corvette, Audi R8, Porsche 997, BMW & Mosler.
-Chassis: Modifications Allowed.
-Body: Custom Paint Allowed, must have original interior.
-Gears: NSR Only, Modifications Allowed.
-Bushings:  NSR only, Modifications Allowed.
-Wheels/Axle:  In store parts only, Modifications Allowed.
-Tires: Any store tire.  No Tire Treatments Allowed.
-Wire: Modifications allowed.
-Electrical:  Motor Noise Filter Not Required.
-Magnet:  No Magnet.
-Motor: NSR Baby King Motor, must have undamaged metal tabs. Cutting the shaft is allowed. No chemical additives to the motor (ex: voodoo drops) or other motor modifications allowed.
-Weight: Weight Allowed.
-Vehicle Ground Clearance: Gear must not scrap track.
-Guide Blade: Modifications Allowed any in store guide blade. May use any 1/32 manufactures braid. No chemical additives to the braids (ex: voodoo drops).
If it does not indicate above that it's allowed, it's not allowed
-House rules apply.