The Polar Express Remote Set

SKU: 6-30218


Fitted with the new LionChief™ Remote Control system by Lionel, engineers young and old have complete control over their Polar Express™ trains by an easy-to-use remote. You'll feel a difference in the smooth operation of the Berkshire locomotive, and hear more realism in the locomotive sounds.


Train set, track, and wall-pack power supply included
Ready-to-run out of the box!

Easy-to-use power and control system

Basic wall-pack power supply
Terminal track section with a jack for connecting the wall pack
Kid-friendly hand-held remote

Run more than one locomotive on the same track!

Distinct frequencies available for different LionChief™ locomotives allow for multiple remote engines to run at the same time
LionChief™ locomotives can also run on any track powered by a conventional transformer at a constant 18 volts
LionChief™ locomotives can operate at the same time as any Legacy or TMCC-controlled engine on the same 18 volt-powered layout and track

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